Ahold Delhaize

ahold delhaize's phone number is +31 88 659 9111 .

Ahold facilitates food retail stores in the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Central and Southeastern Europe. It facilitates supermarkets, convenience and specialty stores, online delivery, pick-up points, hypermarkets, and gasoline stations. Furthermore, it facilitates a number of brands, including Albert Heijn, Tempo, Shop and Go, Etos, and more. Ahold acquired bDelhaize Group and Bol.com. Ahold was founded in 1887.
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img Website aholddelhaize.com
img Industry Retail
img Location Zaandam, North Holland, Netherlands
Founded 2016
HQ Provincialeweg 11
Phone +31 88 659 9111
img Website
img Industry Retail
img Employees 71,077
img Founded 2016
img LinkedIn
img HQ Provincialeweg 11
img Phone +31 88 659 9111

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